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Safe & Sanitize Pro is a family owned and operated deep cleaning company that provides affordable infection prevention and control.  Implementing electrostatic sanitizing, disinfection and decontamination services of your office, business and home.


Our proven 5-step process utilizes cutting edge electrostatic technology killing 99.9% of surface mildew, mold, odor, bacteria, germs and viruses (SARs COV-2 /COVID-19). 


Our team is licensed, trained, certified, and fully insured.  We offer amazing results, professional service and unbeatable pricing. 

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5 Step Process


Certified Professional Cleaners
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Available Evenings & Weekends 
We proudly serve New Jersey and the greater Philadelphia area. 

Our Services





Provide a sanitized environment and everyone will thank you. Give your family, customers and staff peace of mind with professional sanitation services.


We help protect against COVID-19 (Coronavirus) utilizing the CDC's highest infection control protocals. 

  • ATP Surface Testing

  • CDC approved Disinfectants for use Against SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19)

  • EPA Registered Hospital Grade Disinfectants

  • Hospital Grade UV/UVC Sanitizing Light System

  • Antimicrobial Protective Surface Coating (up to 90 Day Protection)

  • USDA Food Grade Approved for use on Food Contact Areas

  • Electrostatic Spray Technology (full surface coverage)

  • Safe for Kids, Pets and the Environment

  • No Visible Residue & Oder Free

  • Trained Technicians

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Call Now  (856) 833-7400

Jerry B.

“Carlos is a very professional and knowledgeable expert.  He did a thorough walk through of our home in order to create a package specific to our needs.  After experiencing COVID-19 in our home we wanted to make sure we had piece of mind, his sanitation services gave us just that.



  • Request your custom sanitation plan from our expert team.

  • Tell us about the size of your space, nature of your business/home, and sanitation frequency needs​.

  • We offer everything from less frequency home sanitation to commercial disinfection packages.

We will get in touch quickly to help create a safer sanitized environment for you and those around you!


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